View from the Nosebleed Section: MASTER CLASS

I like theater.

I’m also a cheapskate.

So since theater tickets don’t grow on trees, and nobody is showering me with complimentaries, i get the cheapest seats. Which means sitting in theater siberia. Seats so far and high up away from the stage, you get altitude sickness and , yep, nosebleed.

Several of our monthly brunchpacker are slowly turning into a theater going bloc and Master Class was our latest excursion.

It stars Cherie Gil as Maria Callas, the opera diva…

So why is Cherie channelling Joan Crawford instead?

My bad, wehehehe.

I just wonder how Cherie feels spending 6 months getting into the La Divina’s skin and then just getting doing all of 5 performances for it. Di man lang umabot ng 1 performance for each month de ba? And career mode ang lola niyo dito. Hindi siya second-rate trying hard copy cat.

Cherie was at her best when trading barbs with her costars. She kinda lost me on her longish monologue at the end of Act One though. From the nosebleed section, parang nalunod siya sa dami ng words and just tried to wade across until the act ends.

She more than made up for it though, in her long evoctive monologue ending Act Two. Yun naramdam ko ang emote even from high up. Bravo.

Her costars, while serving as trampolines for Ms Cherie’s star turn, are quite oustanding as well but it was all-Cherie all-the-time, from the moment she stepped on the stage… with the exception of the cutie “stage director” character who was notable not for his presence but his virtual absence on stage. Bonggang-bongga ang exposure ng paparoo sa souvenir program pero sa actual play nagpasok lang siya ng footstool, tapos nag pasok ng unan, tapos nagpasok ng pitsel ng tubig. Yun na. Pero cute siya. Ahem. Ikaw na ang maging… wag na nga… hehehe. My bad uli.


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