Kibitz in the Dark: Milk
Right now, just about every movie fiend his brother knows than win na ng second Oscar si Sean Penn for the biopic Milk.

Though may sympathy factor si Mickey Rourke for me dahil he was hotness once a  upon a (very long) time ago, i found myself rooting for Sean Penn. One factor of course is because he was nominated for playing a major veklah role. Another factor is because he played the major veklah role so well!

Well, that, saka kasi Milk lang ang napanood ko sa limang nominated performance for best actor.  Hehe.

But Sean was realllllllly good. I would root for him otherwise. I have never been a Sean Fan. Never saw him as hot. Never understood what Madge saw in the guy to make him Mr. Madonna No.1. Never had the driving need to see his body… of work. De ba asshole sya na nananapak ng paparazzi? De ba pafeeling artiste siya?

By the time nilips-to-lips ni Sean si James Franco sa hagdan mere minutes into the film, he had me. And as the movie wore on, Sean continued to suprised. The passion he showed during his speeches is just awesome. But equally awesome were the detail he embued his character while giving those speeches… the eyes,  the mouth, the wrists! So nuanced… so Milk… so Baklah anubeh!!!!

And the movie itself is no slouch.

Isang Gus Van Sant film lang ang alam ko aside from Milk and that was My Own Private Idaho. Achulee hindi naintindihan yung film pero sure ako hindi siya pangit. No movie na may eksenang River Phoenix making lapirot to Keanu Reeves’s utong be bad.

Van Sant gave Milk an almost documentary look which helped Sean’s totally devastating performance. Di ko ma-sure what footage were archival and what were recreations… even sa mga eksenang nandun si Sean! Ganung kabelievable. Ganung ka-amazing.

What more can i say… I got Milk.




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