#PatayNaSiHesus : #TheKneeJerkCritic Movie Review

Hoy kayong mga sanctimonious keme who called for the boycott of this film based sa title. Pak yu po kayo ok? Eh sa Hesus ang namesung nung character, anuvey?! Kung ayaw ni Lord gamitin ang Hesus sa title ng movie na ito, eh di sana hindi siya pumayag na pangalan ang ibang bata na Hesus. Pinatamaan na sana sila agad ng fire and brimstone. It’s just a name, get over it!!!

Anyways, napaka-delayed ng rant de ba? Sorry naman, may pinagdaraanan lang (na mababasa niyo sa alternate blog ko, shamelessly being promote, here hahaha.)

I was sick for more than a month, hospitalized for two week, and in quaratine for two weeks more. Of all the time of the year na magkakasakit, bakit ngayon pa. I missed two film festivals that i really want to support, Cinemalaya and Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino. Unyeta. Grrr.

While Cinemalaya was a total bust for me, i did manage to crawl out of bed and see Patay Na Si Hesus, the gist of which was a dysfuntional family takes a road trip to deal with the death of Hesus, the estranged nilang pudak na ex ni mudak syemrpe. Amperfect panoorin ng isang taong kakamatay lang ng sarilign fudra de ba?

Pero actually it was!

I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and laughed out loud at several moments. I almost never LOL-ed in a movie kasi napapredict ko yung punchline. Dito nagugulat ako sa confidence ng filmmaker to push the comedic boundaries of the scene, and then push some more.

Yung bayis-bayis scene early in the movie was comedy gold. Yung kinakausap ni kuya yung keme niya tapos gusto niyang bigyan ulit ng chance, so in-eatch niya yung sariling keme niya. WAAAH. UNYETA. THEY WENT THERE! THEY FAKKING REALLY WENT THERE!

And what about that “puki” exchange? The dialogue was tightly woven to produce such quickness and wit. Such audacity! Writers Moira Lang and Fatrick Tabada, you olreydi!!

Obviously there’s the similarity to the family road-trip comedy “Little Miss Sunshine”, pero kebs, me nakabili na ba ng rights para angkinin the family road-trip genre?! Waley! Saka  maganda itong movie! Kung chaka ito, ok, mauna pa akong ilampaso yan kasi ginaya na nga chaka pa rin.

While the set-up is similar to “Little Miss Sunshine”, the spirit that runs throughout the movie is distincly Pinoy. And though it dealt with personal emotions in relation to a death in the family, it also found a way to support PWDs and LGBTQ community by putting them in realistic light. Hindi villain, hindi api, hindi santo. Tao lang. Sakto lang.

Obviously the movie is not perfect. Some jokes fell flat. Pero at least all the comedic elements were well-integrated into the storyline di katulad ng ibang local comedies na parang pinagtagpi-taping gags lang tapos binenta bilang isang buong pelikula. Ngeee! Acheche!!! Whatever. But this movie is so quirky hindi nakikita kung saan manggagaling yung funny: visual ba o audio lang? Spelled out ba o implied lang? Witty ba o slapstick? Basta, sinisurprise ka niya ng tawa.

The cast was really charming. Di ko alam kung paano ginawa ni direk Victor Villanueva pero near the start of the movie pa lang , nung inannounce ni mudak Jacklyn Jose na deds na nga si pudak Hesus, i already cared about what happens to the characters.

It’s the first scene that set the tone. Yung order na porkchop tinadtad ni Jacklyn halos naging giniling. Yung bare ng mukha ni Jacklyn tapos yung absurdity nung ginagawa niya. “Ay, it’s that kind of movie”, so nakapasok agad ako sa millieu and i was able to enjoy the film even more.

Casting-wise, at the start i was kinda if-fy in having a guy  with Down’s Syndrome as one of the major characters. Kasi baka stunt-casting lang, you know, to generate pity or sympathy or something. But seeing Vincent Viado interact with his “sibling”, him having Down’s Syndrome was indeed integral to the story, underlining that all three of Jacklyn’s children were somewhat “broken” in some ways.

There’s emo-dungis na kuya-tungs, Jude, ooops, transgendered man, na bakla-bakla naman kung magmahal. Yung give ng everything, alaga ng bogets, salo ng responsibilidad tapos gagaguhin. Awts.

Chai Fonacier is the actress who played her at inassume ko talaga na isa siyang kuya-tungs in real life. That is until a saw another pic of here looking very fashion editorial chic. Ayyy Sorry naman, anu na ba?

Then there’s Melde Montañez, playing Jay, a lazy good-for-nothing bum na kundi lang charming eh ginilitan mo na ng leeg. Effortlessly funny, he doesn’t work the joke, itatapon lang niya yung linya nang maayos, trusting the strength writing of Moira and Patrick will carry the scene through.

At midpoint, the movie introduced Mailes Kanapi’s character, Sister Linda, an aunt by relation, a nun of dubious veracity by profession and definitely on the verge of cray-cray. And Mailes played the hell out of it. In the few minutes she was onscreen, she was a force of nature whipping up everything and then some. And then, as fast as she whirled into the movie, she  disappeared on the back of a hunky man’s motorcycle while you catch your breath.

But of course this is Jacklyn’s movie. Her introspective stillness broken by brash candor is amazing. She grounded the movie inspite of all the crazily absurd situations her family has gone through. Yung eksena niya sa harap ng kabaong was sublime.

THAT finale funeral scene. How sick was that? Hahaha

Finally,  the bookend title cards the tied the movie’s start  and finish was simply brilliant. Bungga ni’. Sana napanood niyo.


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