#2017YearendFaves :#TheKneeJerkCritic MovieReview

I was planning to post a Top 10 best pinoy film list for 2017 so i checked my good friend … More

#KitaKita : #TheKneeJerkCritic Movie Review

Malungkot si Girl, tapos, pakak!, najulag pa. Shutanginerz de ba? Enter frame si chaka Guy. Ice queen mode si Girl na julag. Syempre naman, nasemplang na lovelife najulag pa eh. But Guy charms Girl through humor. Guy melts down Girl’s defences. Girl falls for Guy. Eh paano kung bigla magka-sight ulit si Girl at makita na chakaru na frog pala ang prince charming niya? 

#SakalingDiMakarating : #Onsikandtot #TheKneeJerkCritic Movie Review

Onsikadtot, #sakalinghindimakarating turned out to be a nice ride.

The first time i saw Sakaling Hindi Makarating kasi was at the #cinema76 sa Manda. Late kami nakarating so sa gilid-gilid lang kami naupo, on gasp! Monobloc chair! And i was definitely on critic mode and may i say, anlakas maka-harsh ng monobloc chairs.

I guess “Sakali…” just needs the right frame of mind to be enjoyed. So when you go out on Feb 1 to catch “Sakali…” choose a comfy cinema and check in the inner bitch critic at the door.

If you want to see my original review of the movie, click https://thekneejerkcritic.wordpress.com/2016/12/12/the-kneejerk-critic-movie-review-sakaling-hindi-makarating/