#SakalingDiMakarating : #Onsikandtot #TheKneeJerkCritic Movie Review

Onsikadtot, #sakalinghindimakarating turned out to be a nice ride.

The first time i saw Sakaling Hindi Makarating kasi was at the #cinema76 sa Manda. Late kami nakarating so sa gilid-gilid lang kami naupo, on gasp! Monobloc chair! And i was definitely on critic mode and may i say, anlakas maka-harsh ng monobloc chairs.

I guess “Sakali…” just needs the right frame of mind to be enjoyed. So when you go out on Feb 1 to catch “Sakali…” choose a comfy cinema and check in the inner bitch critic at the door.

If you want to see my original review of the movie, click https://thekneejerkcritic.wordpress.com/2016/12/12/the-kneejerk-critic-movie-review-sakaling-hindi-makarating/


Kneejerk Look Back at the MMFF2016

The origin of this post is my newly-minted at recently-claimed ninong, Joel David idea. Gawa raw ako ng omnibus MMFF2016 post where you guys can find all the reviews, so here it is. 🙂