#NeverNotLoveYou : #TheKneejerkCritic Movie Review

#NeverNotLoveYou #TheKneeJerkCritic Movie Review: How sulit was Never Not Love You? Walang pasarap topless scene si James Reid dito.

Huwatt?!!! Gasp!! Can you imagine?!!!

And yet I didnt feel shortchanged. Ganung level.

Walang ring kilig scene na for the sake of kilig lang. Walang funky verbalized realizations. Walang witty comebacks. Walang pahugot lines. Maski yung regular tricks ni Antoinette sa kanta saka graphics were utilized judiciously and were at the service of clearer storytelling.

This is probably the most grown up movie Jadaone has ever done. It IS definitely the most grown up movie JaDine has even done.  Mas grown up pa siya kesa mga recent movies ni Jodi Sta. Maria and don’t get me started on Toni Gonzaga.